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Deep Learning: Installing Keras

In my previous post, I mentioned building a neural network using Keras that was able to classify thousands of Reuters documents in under 10 minutes.  Sadly, installing Keras took more effort than I wanted–longer than actually building and training the network.  So, I worked out the kinks and scripted the process to go from a bare box […]

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My Dive into Deep Learning

I spent last week in a Deep Learning workshop and I came away both encouraged and disheartened at the same time.  (For the uninitiated, Deep Learning has no formal definition; however, I would loosely define it as a new name given to the class of machine learning techniques that combine many nonlinear functions in order to approximately model abstractions of […]

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Agile Family Vacations

Summer is almost here and that means summer trips are at your doorstep. If family travel stresses you out, let me suggest the Agile Family Vacation for keeping your sanity while you travel. When we were young, our family pioneered agile family vacations. We’d set out in the morning with only a map, a stack of […]

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