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iPhone Reminders App

Despite my protests to the contrary, I do not have a great memory for one-time tasks. I like to think that I have so many grand thoughts going through my head that I simply cannot be bothered by such narrowly defined things. Fortunately, the iPhone was made with geniuses such as myself in mind. Enter […]

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iFamily: Shared Calendars

Between us and our children, we have to keep track of rehearsals for dance, strings, band, and Praise Team and performances for all the above. Add to that doctor appointments, meetings, volunteering, and social events. Despite our ferocious defense of our family calendar, we get busy. Here comes the calendar app to the rescue. One […]

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“Find My iFamily” app

One of my favorite iPhone features is the “Find My iPhone” app. As of last month, everyone in my household has an iPhone and, while it hasn’t revolutionized anything, it has simplified my life a little. All the devices are registered to a single account: mine. So, I can find out where my family is […]

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