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Three Things I Learned at the Urinal

When you are as curious as I am, there are learning opportunities everywhere—even in the bathroom. Lately, when I go to a public restroom, I am reminded of three important leadership lessons.  I don’t know where your mind is going but stay with me here.   Public men’s restrooms typically have urinals, which are basically […]

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My First Year of Bullet Journaling

On New Year’s Day, I and an anonymous community whom I’ll never meet all shared in a common activity. I sat at my desk (others on beds, floors, sofas or maybe even toilets) to close out my 2016 Bullet Journal and to begin my 2017 Journal. What is a Bullet Journal? Before I describe bullet […]

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Why Global Warming Might Not Matter: A Word for Ideologues

Just to get it out there, I don’t really care about Global Warming and, regardless of how you feel about it, that shouldn’t bother you one bit. To be fair, I would care more if I knew what I should believe. (And I would know what I should believe if I cared more.) I’m reminded […]

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Let’s do Lunch!

I like to eat. People who get to know me figure that out really quickly. The last team I led was known for our mutual enjoyment of food. We had Taco Tuesdays, Waffle Wednesdays, Take-out Thursdays, and lunches at Fogo de Chao–not all in the same week but on a regular and frequent basis. Oh, […]

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Microsoft Outlook Tips

Although I’m a Mac guy, as promised in my previous post, here are four email handling features in Microsoft Outlook that I love. Drag to Create Calendar Appointments. Has someone requested a meeting in an email and not as a calendar appointment?  The nerve!  If you drag your email to the calendar (to a specific date or to […]

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Zero Inbox–Email Management

In this post, I’ll tell you how to achieve the zero inbox. The other day, I heard someone say that an empty inbox is an unreasonable goal. I whole-heartedly disagree! Not only is it a reasonable goal but given the accumulated hours of your life wasted scanning your inbox for a particular message or figuring […]

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How to Eat Crabs

Summer is on its way! For those of you new to eating the not-so-delicacy that is Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs and those of you whose parents didn’t teach you properly, here are my tested instructions for how to eat crabs most efficiently. I don’t care what anybody says (even my wife), the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab […]

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How many words does it take?

I never liked when my teachers would assign 1000-word essays or 3-page papers or any other kind of writing that had to have a certain length.  As one who hated grading papers in graduate school as well as when I was a professor, I definitely appreciate the upper limit but even that should be a […]

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iPhone Reminders App

Despite my protests to the contrary, I do not have a great memory for one-time tasks. I like to think that I have so many grand thoughts going through my head that I simply cannot be bothered by such narrowly defined things. Fortunately, the iPhone was made with geniuses such as myself in mind. Enter […]

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iFamily: Shared Calendars

Between us and our children, we have to keep track of rehearsals for dance, strings, band, and Praise Team and performances for all the above. Add to that doctor appointments, meetings, volunteering, and social events. Despite our ferocious defense of our family calendar, we get busy. Here comes the calendar app to the rescue. One […]

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