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Spending Time Together

My wife wears a watch. I don’t. That‘s a hint but there is more to how we approach time. A few weeks ago, we started doing a study called “Your Time-Starved Marriage” by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott as preparation for becoming empty nesters. It was sort of like getting the car inspected before a […]

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Agile Family Vacations

Summer is almost here and that means summer trips are at your doorstep. If family travel stresses you out, let me suggest the Agile Family Vacation for keeping your sanity while you travel. When we were young, our family pioneered agile family vacations. We’d set out in the morning with only a map, a stack of […]

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iFamily: Shared Calendars

Between us and our children, we have to keep track of rehearsals for dance, strings, band, and Praise Team and performances for all the above. Add to that doctor appointments, meetings, volunteering, and social events. Despite our ferocious defense of our family calendar, we get busy. Here comes the calendar app to the rescue. One […]

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“Find My iFamily” app

One of my favorite iPhone features is the “Find My iPhone” app. As of last month, everyone in my household has an iPhone and, while it hasn’t revolutionized anything, it has simplified my life a little. All the devices are registered to a single account: mine. So, I can find out where my family is […]

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