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July, 2012

Why do a FREE seminar?

I just picked up dinner at this restaurant around the corner.  The catfish tasted great, as did the cheese grits and the cajun corn!  I would point you to the website, but I can’t.  They don’t have a website yet even though they’ve been open for maybe two months.  That’s a shame because the menu […]

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Seminar Information Online

I updated the page about the seminar.  Hopefully, it has all the information that you need so you will decide to come. It’s very late.  So, in a future post, I’ll let you know how this thing came about.  For now, though, check out the seminar page.

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Watch the new site come to life!

After what seems like forever, I am finally making time to rebuild the WChristian.com website.  In the past, I would have completely rebuilt the site offline and taken a day to launch it. This time, however, I have chosen to allow visitors to watch the site evolve over time.  How it looks today is going […]

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