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Watch the new site come to life!

After what seems like forever, I am finally making time to rebuild the WChristian.com website.  In the past, I would have completely rebuilt the site offline and taken a day to launch it. This time, however, I have chosen to allow visitors to watch the site evolve over time.  How it looks today is going to be different from how it looks next week or maybe tomorrow.

Of course, there is a method to this madness.  I am preparing for a seminar that I will give in October about how easy it is for businesses to establish an online presence and how to avoid some of the traps of doing so.  That gives me less than three months to go from virtually no online presence with respect to WChristian.com to some web presence.

Since I am not a full-time consultant, my goal is not to take advantage of every online opportunity to build my business.  Instead, as every business owner seeks to do in some form or another, my goal is to provide an overview of my services–giving evidence of my expertise and credibility–and to let people know how to contact me.

As I discuss in the seminar, a website is likely to be the core of your online presence.  So, I’m starting with that.  And, obviously, I’m also starting my first blog!

I am very excited to walk this path.  Keep an eye on the site to see it mature.  Keep an eye on this blog to get updates on building my presence as well as other useful information (e.g., links, insights, resources) about how to improve or even optimize your business processes (e.g., supply chains, product or data routing, neighborhood outreaches).

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