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The Official Seminar Announcement

It’s official!  The new edition of AACPL’s “Library Happenings” is out and it mentions my free seminar at West County Library.  Yep, that’s me on page 7, center of the page, right after the announcement about Don Kerr’s car care clinic.  (Don happens to be my mechanic and he launched out on his own last year. […]

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Why do a FREE seminar?

I just picked up dinner at this restaurant around the corner.  The catfish tasted great, as did the cheese grits and the cajun corn!  I would point you to the website, but I can’t.  They don’t have a website yet even though they’ve been open for maybe two months.  That’s a shame because the menu […]

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Seminar Information Online

I updated the page about the seminar.  Hopefully, it has all the information that you need so you will decide to come. It’s very late.  So, in a future post, I’ll let you know how this thing came about.  For now, though, check out the seminar page.

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Watch the new site come to life!

After what seems like forever, I am finally making time to rebuild the WChristian.com website.  In the past, I would have completely rebuilt the site offline and taken a day to launch it. This time, however, I have chosen to allow visitors to watch the site evolve over time.  How it looks today is going […]

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