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The Official Seminar Announcement

Seminar announcement in AACPL "Library Happenings"

Seminar announcement in AACPL “Library Happenings”

It’s official!  The new edition of AACPL’s “Library Happenings” is out and it mentions my free seminar at West County Library.  Yep, that’s me on page 7, center of the page, right after the announcement about Don Kerr’s car care clinic.  (Don happens to be my mechanic and he launched out on his own last year.  I don’t think he has a website.  So, I’ll make a note to remind him about the seminar.)

OK.  Back to me.

I’m kind of disappointed in myself that I decided to simplify the title to “Build Your Business Online” the day after the publication went to the final editing stage.  Come to think of it, though, I should dig through my emails because I’m not even sure that they have the summary that I sent.  I won’t check; it gets the point across anyway.  I’m hopeful for a nice-sized turnout because I there are so many small businesses, churches, and other non-profits in our area that could use the information and save a lot of money.

Well, if you know of people in the area who might be thinking about establishing an online presence for their business or non-profit, let them know to be at 1325 Annapolis Road in Odenton, MD on October 4th from 6:30-8:30 pm and I’ll see them there.

Maybe I should make a PDF flyer to go with the information page (https://wchristian.com/seminars/build/).  Let me know what you think.