W Christian Consulting

What could you be doing better?


Leveraging years of expertise developed in a variety of roles and fields, I provide clients with a range of business consulting services to help them maximize their efficiency at minimal cost.

We make decisions every day and never do we say “I really hope to make a mediocre decision.”  Optimization is about making the best use of the available resources, such as, time, capital, personnel, equipment, raw materials, or capacity.  Optimization is where every business process starts and finishes.  I can help you define your business objectives and identify your constraints so you can get the best results.
Process Improvement
Even when systems are running well, innovative companies seek to improve them.  Whether it’s a question about your internal processes, supply chains, or how traffic moves through your establishment, I can help you find, evaluate, and phase in potential improvements so that your business runs more efficiently.
Online Presence Consulting
There is a smorgasbord of options when it comes to developing or expanding your online presence.  Thinking about social media, traditional websites, and online marketing and the many technologies that each one presents can distract you from your core business.  I’ll help you sift through all the hype so you can decide how to present your business online.
Technology Training
Efficiency isn’t just for the big processes in your business. I offer on-site individual or group technology training to help you get the most out of the tools and software that you use everyday.